Elide Fire Extinguisher Ball


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Elide Fire extinguisher ball is the most advance product in the fire-proofing industry. It will prevent disaster and the irreparable damages Caused by fire.

The unit is light and portable which makes it relatively easy to extinguish initial fires. The fire extinguisher ball is made of a waterproof plastic shell and contains an extinguishing powder (91/155EEC) that is safe for use in any environment and conforms to international environmental protections standards.

Capable to stop fire automaticaly at 12 sft aria at a moment.

  • Weight : 1.3 kg
  • Product Service Life : 5 years.
  • Made in Turky.

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  • Weight just 1.3 kg.
  • Lightweight and can easily be used by anyone women or the elderly.
  • Very simple to use in case of fire and can be mounted for home safely near gas cylinders or cooking tops.
  • The fire extinguisher ball also works well for commercial areas:  Shopping mall, Station factories, schools, hotels, gas stations and any public places.  Due to its compact size the fire extinguisher ball is easily portable and can even be placed inside your car.
  • In case of fire the fire extinguisher ball can also be thrown near the fire affected area keeping you safe at distance and effectively extinguishing the fire. When the fire extinguisher ball remains in contact with the flames it will absorb the heat and as it reaches a temperature of 270 degrees Celsius it will activate within 3 to 5 seconds and effectively extinguish the fire.
  • Upon activation the fire extinguisher ball will also pop off a loud noise warning those in the vicinity that something hazardous has occurred.
  • The product longevity is 5 years. No need any Annual inspections or maintenance cost.

How to use?

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