Biocera AHA Water Bottle


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  • Converts water into hydrogen-rich alkaline water.
  • Uses natural Bioceramic minerals.
  • NSF certified and made from BPA-free Titan plastic.
  • Long-lasting filter (replace annually, based on 1.5 litre daily consumption)
  • Color : Blue
  • Materials : Bodey/filter : Tritan
  • Cap : Polypropylene.
  • Size : 70 x 264 mm
  • Weight : 500 ml.
  • Service Life : 1 years.
  • Made in Korea.

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Biocera AHA Water Bottle

Biocera water bottle provides a safe and luxurious way to enjoy hydrogen-Rich alkaline water that can effectively remove free radicals.

The Biocera Alkaline Hydrogen Antioxidant (AHA) Water Bottle gives you the power to transform regular filtered or bottled water into coveted alkaline antioxidant water. The portable bottle is perfect for taking to work, storing in a gym bag or sipping while traveling. It uses natural minerals to produce alkaline, hydrogen-rich water which is becoming ever more popular in health circles.


Package Include:

  • Biocera AHA Water Bottle (1unit).
  • Filter : 1pcs.


  • Container, Filter Cartridge : Eastman TritanTM,Top & Bottom Cap : Polypropylene (PP).
  • Size : 10.39 x 2.76 inches.
  • The Biocera A.H.A. Water Bottle is a luxurious and portable all-in-one type bottle which can turn regular water into hydrogen-rich alkaline water.
  • The ceramic balls contained in the filter release hydrogen, calcium, magnesium,potassium, and other beneficial minerals. Furthermore, no harmful heavy metals are emitted since all the ceramic balls that are used are certified for safety by the NSF of the USA.
  • Tritan is an environmentally friendly material which combines the transparency of glass and the durability of plastics. The material is free of Bisphenol-A, anviranmental hormone, so one can be rest assured when using the product.

Benefits :

Any movement towards increased blood acidity can force our red blood cells to clump together which inhibits our ability to properly oxygenate our cells, and encourages harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi to thrive. It is also widely understood that the slightest variation in our internal pH levels can encourage the development of numerous unpleasant symptoms, including:

  • Aching joints and muscles
  • Low energy levels
  • Acid reflux and other digestive disorder
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Depression

There is also evidence to suggest that a deviation in your bodies pH balance can also encourage the development of certain degenerative conditions, including osteoporosis.

So, Drink PH water every day.

  • Substantially increase your energy levels
  • Improve your ability to metabolise a number of vital nutrients
  • Encourage the proper oxygenation of your cells
  • Improve concentration levels, and help reduce the effects of brain fog.


It is also understood that drinking alkaline water with a high mineral content can help to break-down and flush out many of the acidic contaminants that can build up in your blood and tissues due to poor diet, high stress levels or excessive exposure to environmental pollutants.


Therefore the water produced by the alkaline mineral stick can be very helpful in restoring your body’s optimum pH balance, and can help you to counteract many of the negative side-effects that are often associated with a deviation towards acidity. 

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