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With the Alkaline Mineral Stick, you can quickly and easily turn your bottled water into alkaline antioxidant water. Developed by leading bioceramic manufacturers Biocera, the alkaline stick is composed of several types of bioceramic mineral. Simply add the stick to bottled water and in a few minutes you'll have clean-tasting, hydrogen-rich alkaline water.

Why the Biocera Alkaline Mineral Stick?

  • Transforms ordinary water into great-tasting alkaline water in minutes
  • Uses natural bioceramic minerals
  • Stimulates the release of molecular hydrogen
  • Food-grade stainless steel tube
  • NSF certified for product safety
  • Made by leading water filter brand, Biocera
  • Lasts for one year under normal use
  • Easy to use.
  • Weight : 120 gm
  • Service Life : 1 years.
  • Made in Korea.

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Use Direction

Although it has the ability to alkalise, the Biocera Mineral Stick is unable to filter contaminants from the water. As such, we would always advise using the device with either bottled or pre-filtered water.

The alkaline mineral stick is a unique, portable device that enables you to make alkaline water on the go. It uses a combination of advanced bio ceramics to transform either bottled or pre-filtered water in a matter of seconds.

The stick consists of a stainless steel tube containing a collection of natural mineral balls that react with your water when fully immersed; firstly raising its pH, but also improving the ORP by releasing activated hydrogen, and altering the molecular structure to make it more readily-absorbable on a cellular level.

Unlike most alkaline water products, the Alkaline Mineral Stick uses wholly mineral-based technologies to create alkaline water, and can be placed in any bottle or glass.

The alkaline water that is produced by the mineral stick is healthy, well-structured water with a number of beneficial properties. It is rich in essential mineral compounds, and it also contains an abundance of activated hydrogen, which is understood to play a crucial part in scavenging many different species of harmful oxygen free-radical.

According to a number of leading health practitioners, drinking healthy, alkaline water with a high ORP can help to properly hydrate your cells, and also encourage the proper detoxification of your blood and tissues. Recent research conducted by a number of Japanese universities has also shown that drinking alkaline water can help to:

  • Substantially increase your energy levels
  • Improve your ability to metabolise a number of vital nutrients
  • Encourage the proper oxygenation of your cells
  • Improve concentration levels, and help reduce the effects of brain fog.

It is also understood that drinking alkaline water with a high mineral content can help to break-down and flush out many of the acidic contaminants that can build up in your blood and tissues due to poor diet, high stress levels or excessive exposure to environmental pollutants.

Therefore the water produced by the alkaline mineral stick can be very helpful in restoring your body’s optimum pH balance, and can help you to counteract many of the negative side-effects that are often associated with a deviation towards acidity. 

Increasingly, research is showing that our highly acidic diets and hectic modern lifestyles are conspiring to place great strain on our delicate internal systems; leading to the build-up of numerous acidic compounds in our blood and tissues, and also causing our bodies internal pH balance to deviate towards acidity.

Any movement towards increased blood acidity can force our red blood cells to clump together which inhibits our ability to properly oxygenate our cells, and encourages harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi to thrive. It is also widely understood that the slightest variation in our internal pH levels can encourage the development of numerous unpleasant symptoms, including:

  • Aching joints and muscles
  • Low energy levels
  • Acid reflux and other digestive disorder
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Depression

There is also evidence to suggest that a deviation in your bodies pH balance can also encourage the development of certain degenerative conditions, including osteoporosis,

According to Dr Sherry Roger, an esteemed author of Detox or Die, the best way to prevent your body’s internal pH balance from deviating towards acidity is to drink healthy, alkaline water with an abundance of beneficial minerals. This can help to flush toxic wastes that contribute to rising levels of acidity from your system, and also encourage the proper oxygenation of your cells.

As mentioned above, drinking alkaline water with a high ORP is also believed to improve your energy levels by providing your body with the electrolyte compounds that are needed to break down and digest a number of different nutrients in your system.

Because it uses natural bioceramics to alkalize and enrich your water, the alkaline mineral stick is capable of producing very healthy alkaline water, which contains all of the beneficial minerals that your body needs to maintain your internal pH levels, and flush out any acidic compounds.

How to Use:

To create alkaline, antioxidant water with your Biocera alkaline mineral stick, simply leave the stick suspended in your glass of water for up to five minutes.

The Biocera alkaline mineral stick should be replaced once a year.


The Biocera mineral stick uses several types of bioceramic balls to energize, alkalize and reactivate your water. These bioceramic balls are made from carefully selected natural minerals, and are contained in a food-grade stainless steel container.


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